Embellish Software Update
Build #3759

Create Outlines

Now you have the ability to create an echo style outline. Look under the Modify menu and choose one or more outlines to echo around your shape. This can be used to create an outline around one or more shapes or to make a new outline around your entire design. Watch this video to learn more about how to use the Create Outlines tool.

New Page

Now when you close the Embellish Today window the program opens a new empty workspace ready to create on.

Break Apart Chenille

Now you can “right click” to break apart chenille shapes. This is helpful because it gives you the ability to leave out the ”placement line” or ”tack down” if you didn’t need them. The chenille can then be changed to a cutting line, decorative tack down, or even rick rack. Watch this video to learn more about the ability to break apart chenille and how that can effect your results.

Updated Sequence Notes

Making your techniques more clear, the notes for Chenille, Mylar, and Applique have added directions. These are detailed application instructions for the recipe to embroider these creative techniques. The notes show in your ”Sequence View” and they will also print out when you use ”Print Preview”.